10 Reasons why you should visit South Hill Dental if you have a dental emergency in Puyallup

Understanding what to do when you have a dental emergency can make all the difference for the future health of the tooth in question. Acting quickly and knowing when it is good to visit your dentist can help to avoid further complications and can even save a tooth. But what is a dental emergency? How do you know when it’s important to visit your dentist? And how can South Hill Dental help you, both in a dental emergency and also to avoid future emergencies?  

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What is a dental emergency?

When we hear the words dental emergency, we often think of a scenario where a person’s tooth is accidentally knocked out or broken. Whilst this is one type of emergency, there are other reasons it may be necessary to visit your dentist as soon as possible, some are more obvious than others but ignoring the signs of a dental emergency can cause longer term problems.

Man with with tooth pain touching his face

Dental emergencies include:

  • When a tooth is knocked out- losing a tooth can happen in a number of ways - from playing sports without an adequate mouthguard to falling over or being involved in an accident. Having a tooth knocked out can be a traumatic event but doesn’t always mean the tooth cannot be put back into place. It’s important you visit a dentist as soon as possible - read more about the three biggest mistakes people make in this situation here
  • Toothache that is severe and may be accompanied by swelling or bleeding - ignoring toothache is never a good idea, but severe toothache that is often a constant throbbing or an intermittent sharp pain that doesn’t go away with pain relief can be a sign of a dental emergency. This is because it is often a sign of a tooth infection which can compromise the tooth and even spread into the sinuses, depending on the location of the tooth. Other symptoms can include fever or a high temperature, swelling or bleeding and an abscess.
  • When a tooth is chipped or broken - knocking a tooth out completely is an obvious dental emergency, but any damage to your teeth, including chips, cracks or a break in the tooth, opens up the possibility of bacteria getting into the root and causing lasting damage. Ignoring damage to your teeth can have lasting consequences and can even lead to the loss of a tooth.
  • Losing a crown, veneer or bridge - prosthetic tooth coverings, whether they partially or fully cover the tooth, often protect an already weakened tooth. If you lose or break a prosthetic it’s important to visit your dentist as soon as possible to protect the health of your teeth and avoid further damage.
  • If a filling falls out - this will require quick action to have it fixed and refilled to ensure your tooth function is optimal again. Fillings can break or come out for a number of reasons, sometimes depending how long it has been in your tooth and whether you grind your teeth. But bottom line, it is important to take action.
Why is it important to make sure you visit a dentist in a dental emergency?

As with a medical emergency, acting quickly and effectively can make a massive difference in the long term. The problem is, unlike a medical emergency, many of us are more likely to ignore a toothache or dental trauma, which can actually lead to the need for more extensive dental treatment and can even lead to losing the tooth in question.

Visiting a dentist in Puyallup in the event of a dental emergency will ensure you get the right advice and treatment.

Your dentist can use their specialist knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat your dental emergency effectively, using specialist equipment, such as x-ray machines, and scanners.

Dr Kunal checking a monitor
How can South Hill Dental can help you in a dental emergency?

Here at South Hill Dental in Puyallup, our highly skilled and experienced team have over fifty years of combined clinical experience treating dental emergencies. We understand that sometimes issues are immediate and need urgent appointments. Here are just 10 Reasons why you should visit South Hill Dental if you have a dental emergency in Puyallup:

1. We offer same day appointments for dental emergencies in Puyallup

2 Patients arriving to South Hill Dental

The very nature of dental emergencies often means you can’t plan for them! Depending on your individual needs, we can offer same day appointments at our state of the art dental clinic in Puyallup. There is no need to be in pain or left worrying about the health of your teeth, when you can arrange an appointment with us immediately.How to contact us

2. We work with a large number of dental insurance companies

A common reason people ignore dental pain is concerns over dental insurance. Whether dental insurance covers emergency dental treatment and to what value are frequently asked questions by patients needing urgent treatment. Here at South Hill Dental, we work with a large number of dental insurance companies and our experienced dental receptionists can give you specific advice about what will and will not be covered by your individual insurance plan.

We also provide all patients with a comprehensive treatment plan, with a fully costed breakdown, so you can plan accordingly.

3. You can call us to find out what to do in a dental emergency

Staff answering telephone inquiries

Sometimes we can ignore dental pain and trauma because we aren’t sure whether it constitutes an emergency. This can lead to putting off making an urgent appointment, which in turn can lead to lasting damage to a tooth, that could have been avoided.

If you are unsure of whether or not you have a dental emergency, you can always phone our office on (253) 845-3000 to get advice and information.

4. We are qualified to treat your dental emergency

Dr Harinder and staff attending a patient

With over fifty years of combined clinical experience, Drs Harinder and Kunal Walia are highly qualified and experienced to treat your dental emergency, with the support of an experienced dental team.

Dr Harinder Walia graduated from Amritsar Dental College in India in 1972, before further studying oral surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons in England until 1976.

Since 1979, Dr Walia has been in private practice, as a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr Kunal Walia graduated from the University of Washington in 2007 and is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

5. We accept new patients as dental emergencies

answering telephone inquiries

We understand that not everyone has a regular dentist and so when you have a dental emergency it can be daunting, not knowing who to contact. Here at South Hill Dental, we welcome new patients who need urgent treatment. We can also then offer advice and treatment options for further treatment that may help to avoid future dental emergencies.

6. We offer a special rate for emergency dental appointments

patients at the reception desk laughing

Often, we don’t expect a dental emergency - so the cost of a dental appointment can be unplanned. Patients often worry that emergency dental treatment will be more expensive, thinking of it in a similar way to maintenance callout charges. We don’t want any patients to be put off seeking advice and treatment due to concerns over increased costs. It’s vital you visit a dentist as soon as possible, to avoid further damage and, in some cases, to even save your tooth. That’s why we offer an emergency dental exam and x-ray for at least half the regular price. Here at South Hill Dental you can get an emergency dental exam and X-ray for just $59.

7. We can offer pain management advice and medication, where appropriate

Girl being treated and laughing

In cases where severe toothache is being caused by an infection or abscess, it may be necessary to treat this with a course of antibiotics and to take steps to manage pain as the infection is treated. Our experienced dental team can advise you on the most appropriate pain management for your individual concerns and can prescribe antibiotics if needed to treat infections.

8. Our dental clinic is fully equipped to treat your dental emergency

Dr Kunal checking a monitor

We are really proud of our state of the art clinic, fully equipped with all of the tools and equipment we need to be able to effectively treat your dental emergency in-house. We have the latest X-ray and scanning equipment to diagnose the cause of your dental pain and can even offer sedation for nervous patients, where appropriate.

9. You can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome

Dr Kunal high-fiving a child

A dental trauma or severe pain can be overwhelming. Often the thing you need most is a friendly face, especially if you have had bad experiences at the dentist in the past or have dental anxiety or phobias. Here is one patient describing their experience at our dental clinic in Puyallup:

“This is by far the friendliest and cleanest dental office I have ever been to in my fifty plus years. The staff are so welcoming and you can tell there is a lot of respect amongst them as they work as a team. PLus they are gentle and very efficient at their duties. The dentist is awesome as well. Let’s face it, going to the dentist isn’t on anyone’s favorite thing to do, but with the treatment and atmosphere at South Hill Dental, it was even a kind of pleasure!”  

10. We also offer excellent preventive care to patients

2 Patients arriving to South Hill Dental

The best way to avoid dental emergencies in the future is to ensure you have an oral and dental health regime that includes regular check-ups and where needed, appropriate preventative treatment. Here at South Hill Dental, we offer excellent preventative care for patients of all ages, with specific treatments for children - like fissure sealants and fluoride varnish, which work to coat and protect the teeth from bacteria and plaque which lead to cavities - and recall programmes for adults, where we can effectively manage and monitor dental and oral health.

How can South Hill Dental can help you in a dental emergency?
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Dr Kunal Walia answers your frequently asked questions

What number do I need to call in a dental emergency?

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How much does emergency dental care cost at your dental office in Puyallup?

How much will insurance pay for my emergency dental treatment?

Is emergency dental treatment more expensive?

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How qualified is your team to deal with my dental emergency?

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Why is preventative dentistry the best way to avoid a dental emergency?

The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ is definitely true when it comes to dentistry, for both adults and children. This begins with a good oral and dental hygiene routine, which includes brushing and flossing daily and regular visits to your dentist and hygienist.

Here at South Hill Dental, we also offer a wide range of preventative dental treatments, depending on your individual oral and dental health needs. For children, this can include using sealants to protect teeth as they grow, and mouthguards to protect teeth during sports activities.

For adults, we also offer oral health and mouth cancer screenings, as part of our regular check-ups, and can provide advice and treatment on sleep apnea and snoring. Whilst this is often a condition we just put up with, sleep apnea and snoring can impact on not only your oral health but also your general health and well-being.