Everything you need to know about Dental Implants in Puyallup, Washington

Nobody feels happy about losing a tooth and the thought of losing any more can be a scary thought. This is especially true if you don’t fully understand the options available for replacing missing teeth that modern dentistry offers today. The traditional tooth replacement option has meant having to wear a full or partial removable denture. While it enables people to carry on with ‘normal’ life, denture wearers often complain about the fit and how it affects their eating in a negative way. Often patients dislike the idea of a removable denture that needs to be soaked in water overnight. Fortunately, dentures are no longer the only option for replacing missing teeth.

Whilst it is always preferable to keep your natural teeth where possible, when you have to have a tooth removed, there has been much advancement in tooth replacement options in recent years. Dental implants can offer a more permanent solution for replacing teeth. It is important to have a good understanding of what having dental implants involves, covering everything from cost to the surgery involved.

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