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Problems we solve_Images_My teeth are chipped and cracked LEARN MORE ABOUT

My teeth are chipped and cracked

Cracks and chips to teeth are common in patients. To restore your smile, your dentist may suggest you consider porcelain veneers.

In a straightforward procedure, your dentist will place specially created porcelain prosthetics over your natural teeth (in some cases this will require shaving some of the enamel from your natural tooth). The result will be a natural, perfect smile.

Problems we solve_Images_My teeth are misaligned- LEARN MORE ABOUT

My teeth are misaligned

Straightening teeth using orthodontics is an option for misaligned teeth. Depending on your individual smile, your dentist may suggest one of two solutions:

  • Traditional metallic braces or
  • a more discreet straightening system, Invisalign, that uses clear acrylic removable retainers.
Problems we solve_Images_My teeth are misshapen LEARN MORE ABOUT

My teeth are misshapen


Whether this has occurred over time - with wear of the teeth - or has always been a dental concern, your dentist can offer a choice of dental treatments to correct misshapen teeth.

Porcelain veneers may be a suitable option - the porcelain prosthetic placed over teeth for veneers can be designed to address flaws in shape and size of your teeth.

Problems we solve_Images_My teeth are stained LEARN MORE ABOUT

My teeth are stained


Depending on the reason and extent of your teeth discolouration, your dentist may suggest dental whitening treatment, porcelain veneers or a combination of the two treatments.

Where teeth are discoloured due to cracks, chips or deep staining, your dentist may suggest veneers as this will cover the front of the tooth and restore your white smile.

Problems we solve_Images_I have chips, stains, gaps, and cracks on my front teethI have chips, stains, gaps, and cracks on my front teeth LEARN MORE ABOUT

I have chips, stains, gaps, and cracks on my front teeth

Some patients have concerns about their front teeth in particular. Where there are flaws on your front teeth your dentist may suggest cosmetic bonding to restore your front teeth.

This is a straightforward process for an experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist, using the same resin used in white fillings to correct flaws on the surface of the tooth. Once set, this can be polished to look totally natural and flawless.

Problems we solve_Images_I have crooked teeth- LEARN MORE ABOUT

I have crooked teeth


At South Hill Dental in Puyallup, we provide adult orthodontics to many patients who want to straighten crooked teeth. In some cases that is with traditional metallic braces.

In other cases, patients are looking for a more pleasing aesthetic and choose clear brackets for their braces and tooth coloured wires. For an even more discreet teeth straightening,  we also offer Invisalign - removable retainers made from a clear acrylic material.

Problems we solve_Images_I have cavities in my teeth- LEARN MORE ABOUT

I have cavities in my teeth


Whether you have a small cavity or need root canal treatment, it is really important to visit your dentist to have treatment as soon as possible.

Treating smaller cavities by placing fillings can avoid further damage to the tooth.

Your dentist in Puyallup will use white resin or porcelain to fill the cavity, making sure any decay has been removed first.

Problems we solve_Images_I need to have my tooth repaired LEARN MORE ABOUT

I need to have my tooth repaired

Repairing broken teeth is not just a cosmetic treatment but also can protect the health of your tooth.

Your dentist will use a crown or onlay to cover and strengthen the structure of your natural tooth. This may be required after root canal or deep cavities.

Your dentist will firstly deal with any remaining decay, preparing the tooth for the dental crown before placing this on the tooth.

Problems we solve_Images_I want to protect my teeth during sport- LEARN MORE ABOUT

I want to protect my teeth during sport

If you play sports, you will likely have all of the protective equipment for your body. You may even wear a helmet, depending on the sport.

Investing in a mouthguard for sports can actually save against losing teeth unnecessarily. If you want a better fitting mouth guards, rather than an over-the-counter model, we can create a bespoke mouth guard that will provide comfortable and long lasting protection.

Problems we solve_Images_I want to protect my child’s teeth against decay- LEARN MORE ABOUT

I want to protect my child’s teeth against decay

At our dental office in Puyallup we offer a range of preventative dental treatments.

Dental sealant is a clear coating that is painted onto the back of your child’s teeth, where plaque buildup is more likely, to guard against decay.

We also offer fluoride rinses, which can be effective to strengthen enamel and avoid cavities.

Problems we solve_Images_I want to have healthy gums--11 LEARN MORE ABOUT

I want to prevent against getting gum disease

One of the best ways to prevent against gum disease is to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

We recommend you have a six monthly check-up and we also suggest you have a six monthly dental cleaning appointment with our hygienist.

As well as conducting a deep clean of your teeth, our hygienist in Puyallup may also recommend cleaning below the gum line, if you display any signs of gum disease. You can also get advice on home cleaning and oral hygiene.

Problems we solve_Images_I have an infected tooth- LEARN MORE ABOUT

I have an infected tooth


Where you have an infection in your tooth and it has caused the tooth to die, your dentist may suggest extraction as the best treatment. Your dentist in Puyallup is highly experienced and skilled at dental extractions and will provide sedation before treatment to put you at ease.

Where appropriate your dentist may suggest a bone filling as part of the extraction treatment to ensure that the site heals well.

Problems we solve_Images_I want to have healthy gums--13 LEARN MORE ABOUT

I want to have healthy gums

Gum disease affects a large proportion of Americans; with the disease starting in a mild form and progressing without treatment. We offer periodontal therapy to help maintain healthy gums.

One of our hygienists will assess your gum health and may suggest deep cleaning below the gum line and if needed, planing of the roots of your teeth to remove bacteria and plaque, that can build up with gum disease. This is often done using laser therapy.

Problems we solve_Images_I have loose dentures- LEARN MORE ABOUT

I have loose dentures

Many patients in Puyallup with dentures have issues with loose fitting dentures that can make eating, drinking and even talking difficult.

We offer dental implant surgery for patients who have one or more missing teeth. This is a permanent tooth replacement option - where the dental implant is placed into the bone with simple surgery.

For patients with dentures, we also offer implant-supported dentures - where a denture is fixed to four or more dental implants in the mouth for stability.

Problems we solve_Images_I am missing some teeth- LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR DENTAL IMPLANT SERVICES

I am missing some teeth

Gaps in your smile can make you feel self-conscious and can even stop you showing your teeth when you smile in photographs.

Dental implant surgery at South Hill Dental in Puyallup can be a great way to replace your missing teeth. A biocompatible (titanium) post is placed into the jaw bone, using computer-guided surgery, and as it heals the bone fuses around the implant which makes it secure.

A specially made prosthetic tooth is then placed onto the implant. Where several teeth are missing in one location this is sometimes a bridge.

Problems we solve_Images_I have lost a tooth- LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR DENTAL IMPLANTS

I have lost a tooth

Replacing a missing tooth is not just a cosmetic procedure, it can also help the overall health of your remaining teeth.

Having a missing tooth can place extra pressure on remaining teeth in the bite and can lead to bone atrophy.

A dental implant can be placed to replace the tooth for improved function and aesthetic. You can eat and drink normally with dental implants.

Problems we solve_Images_I want to save my tooth from infection- FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR ROOT CANAL THERAPY

I want to save my tooth from infection

Where possible your dentist in Puyallup will suggest root canal treatment to save an infected tooth.

Root canal treatment is used when the infection has spread through the tooth into the pulp. When this area is inflamed it can put pressure on the nerve of the tooth, causing discomfort.

Your dentist will drain the pulp from the root canal and will then fill the deep cavity.


Friendliest and cleanest dentist office

This is by far the friendliest and cleanest dentist office I have ever been to in my fifty plus years. The staff is so welcoming and you can tell there is a great deal of respect amongst them as they work as a team. PLUS they are gentle and efficient at their duties. The dentist is awesome as well. Let's face it, going to the dentist isn't on anyone's favorite thing to do, but with the treatment and atmosphere at South Hill Dental, it was even kinda a pleasure! Five stars for them!

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A+! Well taken care of, on my first visit.

A+! Well taken care of, on my first visit. Thank you..Marcie, Steve and Dr. Kunal. I look forward to my next visit.

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South Hill Dental is great!

South Hill Dental is great! I had a tooth that felt like it was ready to explode and they were able to get me in to perform what ended up being two root canals. Got in the same day i called. Jill was great and so was everyone else. Can't remember everyone's name because when you're getting work done, it's hard to remember things like names. The dentist really knew what he was doing and I'm feeling better already. I highly recommend them!

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