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South Hill Dental Makeover Winners update

South Hill Dental Makeover Winners update

Our commitment to the South Hill community is our priority! We offered a complete dental makeover for up to 3 patients instead of our free dental day.

Giving back to the community in Pullayup. 

Christmas Option 1

Here at South Hill Dental we are looking at the reasons we are grateful, as the end of an unprecedented year draws ever nearer. 

The holiday period is a time for joy, love and the hope of what the new year brings, but we also must reflect on what 2020 has meant to us.

A lot of people have struggled this year, it’s been a year like no other, our commitment to the South Hill Dental patients and Puyallup community is still one of our top priorities so we couldn’t be more pleased that we were able to offer the winners of our competition their dental makeovers in place of the “Free Dental Day” we usually hold.

This will allow us to perform the treatments in a safe and controlled environment and remain covid safe throughout all treatments. Jesse, Angel and Michael were all voted for by you, our loyal patients, so a massive thank you for the time you took to vote for our winners.


Jesse Chandler

South Hill Dental Jesse


Jesse was trying to help his two buddies out who were in danger. During the incident an adult male punched Jesse in the mouth and he ended up losing his two front teeth, at the time Jesse was just 14 years old. In our eyes, Jesse is most certainly a deserving winner and we are glad all our voters could see this too.

Angel Rubio

South Hill Dental Angel


Angel is a mother of 3 young children and our second deserving winner. As a child she incurred damage to one of her adult teeth and has had issues all her life with this. It has affected her self-confidence and she requires a dental implant. We can’t wait to transform her smile and most importantly her confidence.


Michael Brazier 
E Graham

South Hill Dental Michael


Mike is an extremely hard working and faithful husband and father and works long hours each week to provide and take care of his family meaning he puts himself last in line for anything he needs. Mike has needed some dental implants and other work completed in his mouth for a long time. We are so happy we can provide the help Mike needs to restore his teeth and make sure he can smile with confidence again.

We are so excited to bring you updates on their progress soon. 

Along with the patient care we are providing in place of our “Free Dental Day” we have also donated to the local food banks in our Puyallup community. We are so pleased to be able to support our local community and ensure they get what they need during the holiday period. Puyallup is so important to us and we are excited to be able to support in this way.

As we approach the end of 2020, please check with your insurance provider and get a check up booked in to ensure any insurance cover isn’t lost. Teeth and general dental health can cause a huge impact not only on your physical health but also on your self-confidence and mental health – let us help you to solve your dental problems and make you smile.



We wish all our patients and friends a very Happy Holidays and a healthy, happy and safe 2021!