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Makeover winner Michael shares his journey

Makeover winner Michael shares his journey

Michael's South Hill Dental Makeover - veneer at the front and also we are developing implants for the top and bottom set, this is still to be created.

Michael Brazier 
E Graham

Mike has been a amazing hard working and faithful husband and father. He works 40- 60 hour weeks to provide and take care of his family and always has. He puts himself and his needs last to be there for his family and provide for them. Mike has needed some Dental implants and other work in his mouth for a long time. We haven’t been able to afford the work he has to have done & I don’t know when or if we ever will. 


South Hill Dental Michael


Michael Before treatment 

Michael before


Michael's treatment 

This involved an veneer at the front and also we are developing implants for the top and bottom set, this is still to be created. 


Micheal after his first treatment 

Michael after


Michael Before & After


I would like to start off by saying, Thank you! It was about 4 months ago my wife entered me into the dental makeover that South Hill dental was promoting. Once I found out that I was selected via vote I was honestly very nervous. You see, growing up and starting a family early with my high school sweetheart it was always an easy decision to put their needs first. It was always easier to have the dentist just pull a tooth rather than the expense to have a crown, filling, etc. I have been missing a front canine tooth for about 12 years and to say that it did not bother me would be a lie. It did bother me but it was something I never let show. 

So, as you could imagine I was very excited to get the news but also nervous at the same time. The questions started filling my head. How much work needs to be done, how long will it take and most important, what will I look like with a complete smile? The day that I received my front veneers one of the lovely dental assistants asked me if I would like to see my new front teeth. I was more than pleased with the work that had been done. I now have the confidence to smile in all pictures without hesitating. 

The only downfall is the fact that we all have to wear masks (Pandemic) and all I want to do is show off my big new smile. Once again, thank you South Hill Dental team. You’re the best!And a special thanks to Dr. Kunal Walia for putting up with my Washington state Cougar shirts I was always wearing. I will say this once and only once… GO DAWGS! Thanks you very much Dr. Kunal.


         Michael Brazier