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Halloween Special Frightening Teeth

Halloween Special Frightening Teeth

With Halloween around the corner, we investigate what are the most frightening issues Americas have with their teeth.

With Halloween around the corner, we investigate what are the most frightening issues Americas have with their teeth. 


We have used experience of our own clients and also information from the Mayo Clinic and the American Dental Association to list the top frightening tooth issues that face Americans today.


1. Bad Breath


Bad Breath and Halitosis is caused by layers of bacteria build-up within the mouth. This can be caused by multiple things including a postnasal drip, causing bad breath with mucus and phlegm. Other health issues such as stomach acid, sinus or throat infections, or simply a lack of water and dehydration could be a cause.

Other causes could include Cavities and Gum disease and to be sure what the issue we would recommend coming into the office based in Puyallup, we are one of the most respected Puyallup delta offices, and we can have a look.

Bacteria feed on sugar and starch, which could be an indicator of a cavity, so we recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and use a recommended mouthwash. 


Read more about our approach to preventative dentistry here.


2. Gum Disease 


Gum disease of Periodontitis, which is a server form of gum disease comes in at number 2 as the most common/ frightening of tooth-related problems in the USA. 

This form of gum disease needs to be addressed as soon as possible as it can lead or make you at greater risk of a heart attack or a stroke (according to data from the Mayo clinic). 

Find out more about Gum Disease here.




3. Tooth Sensitivity 


This is a very common issue, which can cause pain and irritation by eating hot and cold foods.

Receding gums of 1-2 millimeters can expose the root of the tooth and this can allow the tooth to be susceptible to pain. Also, if you feel a specific sensation with hot and cold foods and fluids this could be a sign of a cracked tooth. Don’t live with pain get it checked out!


4. Teeth Grinding 


Teeth Grinding or Bruxism is common in adults and causes teeth to be short and blunt which can lead to headaches and pain in the jaw. 

Misaligned teeth are normally the cause of these issues however some lifestyle issues like stress and tension can cause it too. 

Treatment such as Orthodontic and restorative dentistry can correct misalignment and a mouthguard can help whilst you sleep. But to practice relaxation and to practice physical exercise can help to reduce anxiety and stress which could cause teeth grinding. 


5. Tooth Erosion and Yellow Teeth 


Tooth erosion could be caused by a lack of dental hygiene or stomach acid problems. The best treatment is to check with your dentist and then your doctor for help with this condition. 

Yellow teeth, consuming red wine, coffee, and nicotine can stain teeth that cannot be treated with brushing alone. A good solution is to cut down on these staining agents and also to have a treatment of teeth whitening to get those teeth back to the American Smile standard. 

For more information on teeth whitening and treatment have a look here. 

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