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What Are 

Dental Implants?


Dental implants are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed in the mouth, with posts implanted into the jawbone. Your dentist will place a titanium implant post into your jawbone, during a surgical procedure. During the healing process, the surrounding jaw bone will grow firmly around the implant, forming a very strong foundation and is more likely to stay in place when compared with a removable denture. A prosthetic tooth is then placed onto the implant over a connector called an abutment, completing the procedure.


Are Dental Implants a permanent solution?

Dental implants are designed to last, potentially for twenty to thirty years at least. However, rather like natural teeth, they need regular maintenance, daily care and cleaning to ensure the area around the implant remains healthy. Depending on the type of implant, its position and aftercare, dental implants can last a lifetime.


Can I have a dental implant rather than root canal?

A common question we get asked is whether it is worth just having a dental implant rather than attempting root canal treatment on a damaged tooth. The important thing to remember when it comes to dental implants is that they are a great replacement for missing teeth, but it is always preferable, where possible, to restore a natural tooth.

Root canal treatment works to save and restore your natural tooth and avoid extraction. However, depending on the severity of the infection, the root canal treatment isn’t always successful and can last just five to ten years.



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What is Dental Implant Surgery Like?

Getting dental implants is a process that is unique to each patient. A lot of factors can make a difference, such as how many teeth you are having replaced and for how long the tooth has been missing. However, there are four stages that are common in most cases, which will give an overview of the process.



Everything you need to know about Dental Implants in Puyallup, Washington-07

Stage One: Assessment and Consultation

During this initial stage, you will meet with your implant dentist to assess your suitability for dental implants. This will involve a complete oral health assessment, a medical history, taking x-rays, scans, photos. Your dentist will then use of all this information to create a 3D image of your smile using computer software, which will help to plan your treatment with precision and accuracy.



Dental Implants Treatment Planning in Puyallup

Stage Two: Treatment Planning

Your implant dentist will use state-of-the-art treatment planning software to plan the placement and ideal position of your dental implant treatment. The prosthetic component of the restoration will also be planned, for example a crown, bridge or full arch. At this stage your dentist will also be able to give you a clear breakdown of proposed treatment and costs, so you can plan accordingly. If you are replacing teeth that have been missing for any length of time, the bone in the jaw may have already started to disintegrate. If bone grafts are needed before an implant can be placed, your dentist will also explain this fully. Where you are replacing a number or all of your teeth your dentist will explain the different options available.



Dental implants treatment puyallup

Stage Three: Treatment

Once you have agreed your treatment plan, your dentist will begin your dental implant treatment. You will be kept fully informed every step of the way, being able to ask questions and get advice from your dentist on care throughout. Once implants have been placed, there will be a healing time, while the bone fuses around the implant. The time this takes varies from patient to patient, but is often around 4-6 months. Once your dentist is happy this is complete, you will have the prosthetic fitted onto the implant.


Dental implants aftercare and Maintenance

Stage Four: Aftercare and Maintenance

Once you have completed your dental implants treatment, it is really important you follow the aftercare and maintenance advice from your dentist. This is to ensure that your dental implant doesn’t later fail. A part of this process is regular appointments to check your implants and maintaining your general dental hygiene.





Dental Implants vs Dentures:

the Best Solution for Lost Teeth

When it comes to choosing between dental implants and dentures for replacing your missing teeth in Puyallup, there are a number of factors to consider. Your lifestyle, budget and dental history will all have an influence in whether dental implants or dentures would be the best solution for replacing your lost teeth.


Removable vs Fixed – a lifestyle choice

When it comes to one of the major differences of the two options, dental implants are a permanent fixed tooth replacement solution, whilst dentures are removable. Dentures can influence the types of food you can eat and also can have an impact on speech, especially while you get used to the denture in your mouth. Dental implants don’t move in your mouth, allowing you to eat, drink and speak with greater ease.


Surgical vs Non-Surgical Procedures

Placing dental implants requires a surgical procedure, which can put people off the idea of dental implants. However, it is a straightforward procedure that can often be done in a single appointment. Many patients are able to return to work the next day. Dentures are removable and so require no surgery to be fitted in the mouth. However, as the jaw bone often starts to disintegrate once teeth have been removed, dentures often start to become looser over a couple of years and may need replacing more often.


Care of Dental Implants vs Dentures

Whichever option you choose, how you care for your oral and dental health is crucial. Maintaining a healthy mouth and any remaining natural teeth is key to the ongoing success of your replacement teeth. In terms of dentures, you will need to soak the dentures overnight and clean them thoroughly. You will need to ensure food doesn’t get stuck in between the denture and the gums to avoid irritation. Any remaining natural teeth need to be cleaned properly too. With dental implants, it is essential you keep the site clean and free from debris and bacteria. Poor oral hygiene can cause dental implants to fail. You should regularly visit your dentist for check-up and maintenance appointments.


Cost of dental implants vs Dentures

Dental implants are a more expensive option than removable dentures. This is partly because of the procedure involved. Whereas with dentures you have a removable prosthetic created, implants require placement during a surgical procedure and then a prosthetic crown, bridge or arch needs to be fitted on top as well. While it isn’t possible to give a ballpark figure of dental implant surgery costs, as it varies depending on the options chosen, your specialist dentist can give you an accurate and fully costed treatment plan before you agree to treatment.


Finding a Dentist You Can Trust To Place Dental Implants 

Dental implants dentist in puyallup

A lot of dentists now offer dental implant treatment. Many of those dentists are not experienced or trained in dental implant surgery, or may only have basic skills in placing implants. When it comes to choosing a dentist that you can trust to place your dental implants, you should look for a dentist with training, experience and expertise in dental implant surgery. This is important because if your treatment becomes more complex, for example with the need for a bone graft, you need a specialist dentist who can perform these procedures. Look for dentists who have completed specific training in placing implants, who have testimonials from previous patients and who belong to specialist professional bodies. It’s absolutely acceptable to ask a dentist about their experience with dental implants during your initial consultation.

Dental implant surgery is an investment of both time and money. Make sure you make that investment in a procedure by a dentist with experience and expertise you can trust.



The Cost Of Dental Implants - What are my options?

Dental implants are an investment. Getting dental implants rather than a removable denture can be a greater upfront cost. There are a number of options you can consider when it comes to replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Fixed dentures dental implants


A cheaper option to dental implants placed for each missing tooth is a fixed denture – where a smaller number of dental implants are placed across the mouth and a prosthetic placed on the posts. This may reduce costs if you are considering replacing all of your missing teeth.
dental implants Payment Plans south hill dental


We understand that dental implants are an investment. To discuss payment options, please contact our office.

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