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5 reasons why we run our annual Free Dental Day

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We are passionate about our community at South Hill Dental and we are proud to be part of life in Puyallup for our patients. One way in which we contribute to our local community is through our annual Dental Day initiative, which we have been running since 2009. Now in its tenth year, the free Dental Day has continued to grow, allowing us to help more and more people. We are happy to have given over half a million dollars' worth of free dental treatment to 450 patients so far. Read on to find out why we organise this annual event and how it benefits our community.


Free dental care from South Hill Dental


What is our free Dental Day?

Once a year we open our doors here at South Hill Dental to provide free dental work to anyone who needs it in Puyallup and the surrounding communities. We offer treatments such as free fillings, extractions and/or emergency treatment limited to one tooth per person. Free dental cleanings for children under 12 are also available on the day. Every patient who attends our Dental Day is also given a meal and drink. In 2018 we also partnered for the first time with Smile Source, an initiative across Washington State offering free dentistry for a day. 


Watch this short video to find out more:


HubSpot Video



Why do we run the Free Dental Day initiative?

There are many reasons why we run this community initiative. Here are just five reasons why we continue to offer this annual initiative to the people of Puyallup who couldn’t otherwise afford dental care.


1. We want to build partnerships with local non-profit organizations

To help us reach out to those most in need of our services, we have partnered with a number of local non-profit organizations, including Puyallup Food Banks, Francis House and local churches, and even the YMCA Youth Investment Center in Puyallup who bring young people along to play board games with our patients whilst they wait for their appointments. Our Dental Day has really become a community event in Puyallup!


2. We want to give back 

As Dr Kunal Walia explains:

We have been in this community for almost 35 years, providing high quality dentistry. We appreciate our place in this special community and our Dental Day is a way to give back. There are a lot of people who don’t have insurance or the money to pay for treatment and we want to make sure they are taken care of, without cost being a barrier.”


3. We want to make a practical difference to the lives of people in Puyallup

In our tenth year of this amazing initiative, we are happy to be able to say that we have given over half a million dollars worth of free dental treatment to 450 patients in the local area. When people ask what a difference a day makes, here at South Hill Dental we say, a massive amount! The most recent Dental Day saw a queue outside the practice, around the block, before we even opened the doors. That’s how vital this service is to the people of Puyallup.


Smile Source - Charity Day - South Hill Dental


4. We have lots of fun every Dental Day

We love opening our doors to people who need to access free dental care, whether for extractions or hygiene treatments. We always have a lot of fun on the day too. The patients we meet are great to chat to, interesting and make the day really enjoyable for all the staff who get involved.


5. We love getting to know our community

Every year at the Dental Day we meet new patients who haven’t visited us before. We love getting to meet members of the community. We completely understand that sometimes life gets complicated and self-care cannot always be a priority. We just want you to know that there is no judgement at all and that we are just here to get you back on a positive dental health journey. It’s great to meet people who haven't been able to go to the dentist or thought they would never be able to get their dental problems looked at, and to be able to treat one or sometimes several teeth in one appointment. We are also able to give hygiene advice for future oral and dental health.


How many people do we treat on a Dental Day?

We are often asked how our Dental Day works from a practical point of view. We see as many patients as we are able to in the space of the day. We open our doors at 8.30am, but there are often queues before this time. We see anywhere between 100 to 150 patients in that one day, thanks to our amazing and dedicated team who not only work hard all day but do it with the biggest smile on their faces!




Meet the team at South Hill Dental

Our team at the clinic are all proud of our annual Dental Day. We all understand the importance of supporting our community and pull together to make our clinic a welcoming environment for every patient who steps through our doors.

We are a local, family run dental clinic; Drs Kunal Walia, Harinder Walia and Dr. Breinn Bertrand have chosen a team who share their heart for the community of Puyallup and their mission to provide the highest quality in dental care for patients. Our friendly and professional receptionists are on hand as soon as you arrive to take details, answer questions and make you feel right at home in our comfortable waiting area. 

We are a team of highly skilled dentists, experienced in working with patients who are nervous or have dental phobias, and with a wide range of specialist knowledge to offer the very best treatment for every patient’s unique dental needs. 

Our dental support staff and hygienists can offer practical advice on cleaning and maintenance for patients who may have neglected their dental and oral health. Their friendly and approachable manner is a great asset to our practice.


When is the next Dental Day?

Our next dental day is scheduled for Saturday 21st September. Upon arrival, you will receive a ticket indicating your number in line. If you would like to join us for our next Dental Day, please feel free to call or text our office for more information (235) 845 - 3000 or email us at southhill@drhappysmiles.com. You can also indicate your interest via our Facebook Free Dental Day Events Page. 


Dental Day


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